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Performance of cities and municipalities

How to work with the application

Display simple ranking

Easily select data from list of all data categories and display them for all cities and municipalities

Create own ranking

Create a comprehensive ranking of any set of cities and municipalities based on any data and time periods.

Display a municipality

Display a complete profile of any city or municipality containing all data, including indicators and charts.

Compare municipalities

Compare cities, municipalities or their groups. Find their relative performance against a benchmark.

List all municipalities

Get a basic overview of the structure of cities and municipalities based on their basic properties.

Map all municipalities

Explore automatically created maps and filter cities and municipalities by their basic properties.

Want more versatility?

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Benefits of registration
Permanent custom indicators based on existing data
Permanent custom charts based on existing data
Permanent custom groups of municipalities based on selected criteria
Custom styling of many elements, including charts and rankings
User account with list of all user-created indicators, charts and groups
Tool for building own layout for profile or comparison of any municipalities

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