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This page describes structure of help and offers basic navigation through individual help entries.

Help is divided into three main sections:

  • Understanding the basics and data
  • User interface
  • Using functions of the portal

Structured table of contents with list of all help entries is located in the left menu called "Navigation". Number displayed next to category name represents a number of all entries that fall into particular category. Small arrow indicates that the category is further divided into subcategories.

Understanding the basics and data

The application stores and allows the user to display data for municipalities and their groups for different time periods. Part of the data is accessible for any visitor, part is accessible only for registered user (anyone can register for free) and part is accessible only for users with special privileges. Those special privileges can be obtained only from the administrators.

Data can be accessed and processed in several ways, including aggregating values for different municipalities, for different time periods and creating own indicators based on existing values.

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User interface

The interface allows the user to interact with the data in serveral ways. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages and offers a slightly different view of data. In all cases, the user wants to display some values for some municipalities.

Interaction with the data can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Overview: list of many municipalities with just a few values (such as a ranking)
  2. Detailed view: list of few municipalities with many values (such as a profile)

Each type of the interface is asccessible through its menu item from the main menu located at the top of each page.

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Using functions of the portal

The portal offers several functions to enhance user experience when working with the data. Those functions typically represent additional editing options for displayed results.

While some of those functions are accessible for all users, i.e. both registered (and logged in) users and unregistered visitors, others require registering and logging in. Registering and creating an user account is necessary for the portal to remember and store all your settings and modifications made to default layout.

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